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musings || entry one

I did it. I’m done. They’re done. 185 pairs of the best work I’ve ever put out. I am exhausted, thrilled, and most of all grateful. I mentioned the other day that I am the sole person bringing income in for my family while my husband attends school - and oddly, I felt like I needed to hide that for awhile. But you know what? Fuck that thought. I am PROUD. I am doing something I never would have thought possible - I am supporting a family of four as best I can and have never worked so hard in my life. I am a mother, a business owner, and the biggest fucking cheerleader for my husband while he furthers his education. I hope one day my kids look back and are proud of us during this insane season of life. It’s all for them. Anyway, deliriously, thank you guys always for the encouragement, love, and support. I’m going to bed at a reasonable hour and tomorrow I’m getting my hair done!! LIFE IS GOOD.

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  • I love your earrings. Are you going to restock?

    Doreen Starling

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