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The Delilah Earring - Blush and Opal
The Delilah Earring - Blush and Opal

The Delilah Earring - Blush and Opal

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Resin filled with genuine opals and iridescent blush.

Content + Condition

- resin, alcohol ink, genuine opals, titanium steel posts

- Dimensions: 2”l x 2”w


Resin is a long, rewarding and involved process. Pieces require 72 hours to fully cure - and many are layered, which requires hours upon hours of drying time between each layer to complete the full look. Each piece has multiple sanding processes depending on the style and complexity of the shape - either by being sanded by a dremel, hand-filed, or with sandpaper - and some require all three. Each piece is then polished twice with a polishing product as well as a microfiber cloth. Some may vary slightly in color due to the process of making them. Resin is very sturdy but please treat earring with care to ensure a long life for them. Please also know that resin is a very temperamental and difficult medium to work with and as they are handmade, there may be very slight imperfections, such as a micro bubble, but I do my very best to ensure that you receive the very best product I can provide.