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WELL HELLO THERE! Welcome to my Patreon. My name is Emily Jeffords and I'm a jewelry designer living in Black Mountain, NC. I started working with polymer clay in June of 2018 and resin in June of 2019. Since then, I've created a successful brand lovingly named 31 Suns Studio (after the year I turned 31 and the year I found clay - and by proxy, found my worth and meaning in the world). By signing up for a membership, I'll not only be connecting further with makers and customers, but providing what I believe to be invaluable insight in my experiences thus far on my maker journey and my experiences moving forward as I grow. Here you will find polymer clay tutorials, blogposts (on topical feelings and thoughts about my mediums, community, written tutorials, etc) relevant product reviews, social media tips and tricks, information on how I do the business side of things (taxes, bookkeeping, etc), behind the scenes clips, livestreams, resources on where to acquire tools and how to use them, secret membership-only sales, secret discounts, and more. Thank you for believing in me and finding my work valuable. I hope in this little community we can all come together as a place of learning and love.